It seemed Otamendi Got Injured

Argentina defender Otamendi limped away from the City of Manchester Stadium in the cheap fifa 17 coins game between Manchester City and West Brom. It seemed the Argentine has got injured. According to playerhot at 23rd minute Otamendi fell to the ground with irregular action when fighting for a header.

He looked painful. He is likely to strain the groin or thigh muscle. Even though he limped off the court at halftime and the end of the game, he insisted playing the whole game. As we all know he had been hurt last month against Dynamo Kiev. We do not know whether Otamendi suffered a similar problem to the last time.

In addition, Kompany is training hard to catch up with PSG's Champions League second round buy fifa 17 coins match. Now he has been able to conduct training with the ball and he may join the team's training class on Monday. If Kompany and Otamendi cannot recover, then Mangala and Demichelis will be the starting halfback on Wednesday. See more news and Buy FIFA Coins now. You can check more prices at